The Posing Plan

The Posing Plan is a step-by-step system you can follow to get your clients to pose like pros every time for more emotional, authentic images.


Ready to learn how to confidently pose your clients?

Are you a wedding photographer who is...

Tired of overshooting only to walk away with mediocre images that are awkward and stiff?

Frustrated with how hard it is to get your clients to relax and feel confident in front of your camera?

Feeling rushed or frazzled because posing and portraits take forever

Determined to create impressive images every time, no matter the situation or time frame?

i am ready to join!

Having difficulty capturing real emotions because your clients just don't show them?

Struggling to come up with poses on the spot and doing the same tired poses over and over?

"My Confidence behind the camera has absolutely soared!"

  • Focusing on the things that really matter while shooting, diagnosing problems in real time and fixing them.

  • Giving tons of tweaks and achieving amazing images as a result of coaching her clients through those detailed adjustments.
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Krysia L.

her results:

When you know exactly how to direct your clients to get the looks you want, everyone will feel more confident and comfortable. This leads directly to better photos, more real emotions, and the most efficient photo sessions you've ever experienced.

MASTER POsing today

The Posing Plan is your go-to solution
for effortless posing, every time.

by catherine.



No membership fees. No subscriptions. Lifetime access.

Say good-bye to showing up unprepared and hello to consistently nailing those artful, joyful images your dream clients crave. Master your own posing plan so you can
effortlessly flow through the session every time. 

I need this plan

-  Shea Gibson

"The BEST Posing Course I've ever taken. There's no fluff — just thoughtful and intentional direction."

  • Take fewer shots and capture more natural, beautiful images

  • Confidently direct your clients so they can relax in front of the camera

  • Capture a wide variety of poses, even if you only have five minutes

  • Deliver images your clients will love without the stress or never-ending sessions

  • Help your clients let their true emotions shine through for more authentic images

  • Feel inspired to take fresh, new photos that feel personalized and real

Get Ready To:

Hi! I'm Catherine.

I have posing clients and taking luxury wedding photo for 15 years. After 500+ weddings, I'm still passionate as ever about helping photographers grow their confidence and their business.

I am thrilled to help you master the art of posing.

Your posing pro

“This course made my business dreams come true! I made six figures, and I couldn't have done it without Kate!”


Kind words


"I created a wonderful, relaxed experience for my clients and provided them with a beautiful, thoughtful, expertly posed and varied gallery."

  • Creating wonderful, relaxed experiences for her clients.

  • Providing beautiful, thoughtful and expertly posed/varied galleries.

  • Understanding how to go into sessions with confidence and preparing particular poses for her clients.
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Chelsea R.

her results:

Watch me get a wide variety of images in two minutes and one location!
This is exactly what I'll teach you how to do in this course.

Watch how I adjust every detail until the client looks confident and comfortable for a seated pose. (This is hands-on work!)

This quick video shows you what to do in tricky situations – like when the groom is much taller than the bride!

"I wish I’d had this course when I started my photography journey!"

  • Knowing how to THINK about posing my clients before having to actually pose them.

  • Understanding how to feel less stress while photographing.

  • Implementing the super simple and approachable steps into my photographs.
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Kelsey H.

her results:






The Most Comprehensive Plan

We're Covering Every Pose




Join today and you could be the next success story!

i'm ready!

"I am so glad to have learned those subtle details to make my couples look their absolute best." 

  • Focusing on small details and subtle changes to make couples look their absolute best

  • Feeling more confident in posing and directing couple to make them look flawless

  • Using those images to bring in more clients that he loves to work with
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Quinton C.

his results:

10+ hours of no-fluff,
image-based learning 

Create real images and your own personal posing flow, using a strategy that will help you follow your customized flow every single time.

join the posing plan and get immediate access to

Three LIVE sessions
with posing instructions

Have you ever wanted to see another photographer you admire in action? Now you can!

In this video, you can tune into real client sessions where Catherine is shooting, sharing images and explaining all the details of her decision making and posing.

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What's included:

Signature Base and Filler Pose Reviews

Dive deep into the details of Catherine's signature and additional poses in this series of jam-packed lessons. Each pose and prompt is explained, so you understand exactly how to execute each pose on your own!

Want to see a student in action? Tune into this LIVE student session critique

In this video, one of my students – in her first year of shooting! – takes us behind the scenes as we film her session in action.

In the playback, I highlight the improvements she can make to the session poses and flow in the future!

This system works for brand-new photographers and seasoned pros who want to elevate their client posing.

Multiple-six-figure luxury wedding photographer, mom of two, and firm believer in building a business that makes serious revenue and fits your dream lifestyle.

Meet Your Posing Pro

After shooting over 500 weddings, I know posing.

Effective posing actually starts with you – your confidence, skill, and signature posing flow. 

Unlike a lot of photographers in this space, I don't shy away from sharing exactly what I do in my business and teaching you how to use the strategies, tools, and techniques I've used to make over $250,000 a year (with only 25ish weddings). 

Posing is at the core of your client experience. It's the key to helping your clients feel relaxed, comfortable, and completely themselves. When your clients are relaxed, they let their real emotions shine through – giving you the perfect opportunity to capture authentic, emotional images they'll be obsessed with. 

My students will tell you how passionate I am about helping every photographer master their posing and significantly increase their confidence. They'll also tell you that I don't hold back when it comes to clear instructions, direct feedback, and total transparency. 

Photography isn't just something I do. It's what I love. The foundation of the absolutely beautiful (sometimes unbelievable!) life I've built with my husband and our girls. 

And I'd be honored to help you master your posing skills so you can grow your business, improve your craft, and create a life you love. 

hi! i'm catherine!

"Catherine is an incredible educator who cares!"

"Will this work for me?" "What will I actually learn?" "Is this worth investing in?"

Hear from real Posing Plan students who have completed the course and transformed their businesses! Watch this fun video to hear from some of our standout students and see what's really possible when you complete this course. 


The Posing Plan has everything you need to confidently pose
your clients and capture stunning, authentic images.

what will you learn?

module 01

Approaching The Posing Plan

Learn all the elements that impact your posing and how to create your own posing strategy.


  • The Posing Plan Explained
  • Posing As Part of the Bigger Picture

module 02

The Key Elements of Posing

Working with uncomfortable clients leads to unnatural, forced images. When you master these key elements, you'll be confident you can set your clients up for the images they want every time. 


  • Tips for Channeling Confidence (+ Do's and Don'ts Cheat Sheet)
  • How to Ensure Clients Will Love Your Photos (+ Pre-shoot Checklist)
  • How and Why to Give Genuine Encouragement (+ Worksheet)

module 03

Posing As An Experience

You don't just want your clients to love their photos... they should love the entire experience!

We'll dig into the specific questions you should ask and what you should be doing at every session?


  • The Importance of The Posing Window (+ Cheat Sheet)
  • Pre-Session Conversations (+ Conversation Guide)
  • When to Adjust the Posing Plan

module 04

Must Know Fundamentals

As soon-to-be posing pros, you'll love these strategies you can implement to set yourself up for success every time! 

We'll discuss what you can do to make your sessions easy and fun!


  • Setting Yourself Up For Success (+13 Tips for an Easy Session)
  • What to Pay Attention to While Photographing (+ Cheat Sheet)
  • Prim Tips & Tricks

module 05

How to Flow Through Posing

How do I approach the movement through poses during a session?

Whether you have 5 minutes or 2 hours this method will help you feel less rushed and more comfortable!


  • Building Your Posing Catalogue
  • Flowing Through Your Poses   (+ Mapping Worksheet)

module 06

Signature Poses Described

I’ve literally photographed thousands of sessions and hundreds of weddings! Learn my signature poses and posing prompts, as well as what to avoid in your poses.
We'll discuss what you can do to make your sessions easy and fun!


  • Signature Base + Filler Poses for the following photography :  Bridals, Groom Portraits, Couple's Portraits, Couple with Family, Wedding Party Photos, Family Sessions, Generation Sessions and Individual Portraits

module 07

Posing Challenges

There are so many unique situations that arise in photography – difficult personalities, differences in height, and unexpected obstacles! Learn how to approach them in the best way.


  •  Dealing with Difficult Personalities
  • Physical Challenges in Posing
  • How Challenging Weather Impacts Posing


Live Behind The Scenes Sessions

Tag along for several sessions, watching Catherine (and her student), while Catherine explains all the tactics, prompts and strategies you can use at your very own sessions! We'll discuss what you can do to make your sessions easy and fun!


  • Student Photoshoot with Live Audio Critique
  • Three Live Sessions with Audio and Images
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"This course has helped me tremendously in knowing what to do when directing."

  • No longer afraid of what to say when clients ask what to do

  • Stepped up his posing game, directing clients on how to position their bodies

  • Feeling stronger ing what to say and how to instruct their movements
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Ben Tone

his results:

The Posing Plan

10+ Hours of Course Material (Videos, Slideshows, and Downloads)


Signature posing catalogue with digital image galleries to referencing on-the-go 

Three LIVE In-Action, behind-the-scenes sessions 

BONUS: LIVE behind-the-scenes footage of a Posing Plan Student with Posing Coaching

BONUS: Q&A with luxury wedding planner with tips on how to get referrals

a note from cat

One Payment of $497

As an entrepreneur who started my business from the ground up, I realize that sometimes finances can be hard. But I don't want that to stop you from growing and building your budding career as a photographer!

If you are interested in The Posing Plan but cannot afford the up front payment, we are now offering a payment plan option just for you! 

We hope this allows you to take those next steps in your journey to building your confidence, reputation and skill set so that you can be profitable and grow in your business!

BONUS: Lifetime Access to the Private Facebook Group for One-on-One and Group Q&A

The Posing Plan Workbook

The Posing Plan

Payment Option

pay in 3 payments

3 Payments of $195

In Person Mentoring with Multiple Live Sessions and Critique




Nervous about making this investment? 

The Posing Plan is backed by our 100% money back, risk-free guarantee. If you purchase this course, watch all the modules + lessons, complete the workbook and in good faith, within 30 days, tell me you're not a better photographer as a result – I will refund your purchase.

money back 


Just send an email to and we will get back to you within 24-48 hours
Tuesday - Thursday, 10-4 (excluding major holidays)

got questions?

I’m already swamped? I don’t have enough time or space on my to-do list.

I am SO glad you asked this! I know you’re busy. That’s why I built this course in a way that allows you to complete the lessons at your own pace! Once you sign up, you’ll have lifetime access to ALL of the materials. That way, the course is here for you whether you want to knock it all out in one or two days or take it slow.

Frequently Asked Questions

I get really nervous around people? I’m not sure I can really improve my anxiety around posing others.

That’s a good question! I actually deeply resonate with this one. I used to feel so nervous and unsure of myself when posing my clients. That’s why a big part of this course is dedicated to helping you build up your confidence beforehand! You’ll know exactly what to do before and during every session, as well as how to walk away knowing that you really nailed it every time.

I don’t really see why the client's experience with being posed is so important? My clients simply need to look good, so what’s the big deal?

The truth is, even if a client likes their photos, they won’t return to you or refer you to others if they didn’t like the experience of working with you. It’s vital to build up your confidence and form a connection with your customer. Plus, if someone feels more comfortable around you, you’re much more likely to get shots that feel natural and look genuine.

I’ve seen so many other posing courses? What makes this one different?

As a photographer who’s been in the industry for over a decade, I’ve attended a ton of workshops and invested in so many online courses. So, when I built The Posing Plan I had this in mind. As a result, there’s such a variety of learning materials inside! If you’re the type that likes to watch slideshows and take pristine notes, perfect. I’ve got you covered. If you like more of a “see it in action” approach, I’ve got all the behind-the-scenes footage you’ll need. If you prefer a fill-in-the-blank situation, guess what? I’ve got a workbook ready for you! I’ve taken into consideration the idea that everyone learns differently in order to create a product that can cater to YOUR learning style.

I've been a photographer for quite some time now. I don’t think this will help me.

No matter what level of photographer or how long you’ve had a camera in your hand, this course WILL be beneficial to you and will elevate your skills!. The specific strategies and easy-to-follow material provided inside of The Posing Plan will only add more cards to your hand! Plus, no two photographers do things exactly the same. So, this is an opportunity for you to learn the CG Posing Plan and build your own strategy based on the lessons and modules demonstrated within the course.

Okay. So what all is included again?

  • Seven modules complete with video, slideshow, and printable materials
  • The Posing Plan Workbook
  • My personal, signature posing catalogue, including digital image galleries to refer to on-the-go for both my base and filler poses
  • Three LIVE In-Action, behind-the-scenes engagement sessions 
  • BONUS: LIVE behind-the-scenes footage of A Posing Plan Student with Audio Coaching
  • BONUS: Q&A with a wedding planner; with tips on how to get their referrals
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access in the Private Facebook Group for One-on-One and Group Q&A 

I’m nervous that I’ll invest the cash but won’t get anything out of this course?

I genuinely do believe that anyone can benefit from the information and resources that I’ve compiled into The Posing Plan. However, if you complete the course within 30 days of your purchase, fill out the workbook and can say honestly that you did not become a better photographer as a result, I’ll give you a full refund!

"I want to say how completely OBSESSED I am with your teaching style. I am so grateful for this course and have already gotten so much out of it."

  • Applying new approaches to posing clients

  • Practicing new styles and perspectives when capturing photos

  • Gaining insight into new aspects/values of the posing process
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Maree B.

her results:

Are you ready to confidently pose your clients and create a relaxing, comfortable vibe in every session?

yes! let's get started!