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Build a Lasting, Successful Business. Take                          Images. Create a Dream Life.

It is possible to level up, hone in on your photography skills and make a thriving photography business. I am here to help you transform your career to support a life of passion, intention and joy.

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 I understand what it's like to be in a position of wanting to grow...because I've been there. I, too, have that same love for photography and understand the passion inside of wanting to dream big and make something of this career. Please allow me to help you build that vision and make it come true.

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Transformational information at your own pace

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Business tools for bookings and beyond

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Embrace imperfection and pursue your passions

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Connect with Cat directly for industry specific guidance

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"It's a major plus to me that the way you see Cat in videos or on social media is how she TRULY is in person. She's a veteran in our industry who legitimately wants to make our lives easier."

– shea gibson

Hi! I'm Catherine. Your business and luxury wedding mentor.

My strength is helping you find your ideal client and create your ideal life.

Your ideal clients are out there waiting for is your ideal life. I’ve spent approximately 15 years building a luxury wedding photography business that provides my clients with a stellar experience, treasured memories, and timeless, elegant images. My business is bringing in a multiple-six-figure revenue and the free time I need to live an abundant life on my own terms. 

Teaching other photographers how to level up and finally have the business and life they’ve dreamt of is one of the most fulfilling parts of my career path today. 

I’m honored to help you follow the clearly outlined path, implement the proven strategies, and step into your calling as a luxury wedding photographer. Let’s make things happen! 

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From community centers to luxury resorts, we've scaled the business from our first $1k booking to a $10k minimum over the past 15 years. Our business last year alone made close to 1/2 million dollars in revenue. And more was all built doing something I absolutely love.

As an educator, I've spoken at the Hybrid Co, WPPI, and PPLA in addition to being featured on many podcasts such as Passion With Purpose, Bokeh Podcast and more. Most importantly, I have helped hundreds of photographers learn, grown and transform their businesses and their lives as a result.

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Wedding Photography Society Membership

This wedding photography focused membership is designed to cultivate a growing network and community of likeminded photographers by providing access to industry professionals, exclusive educational content, resources/discounts, and much more!

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"Cat's approach is filled with actual helpful information!

Everyone is really looking for ways to increase their collections fee; and there's not much content out there that really helps with this. Cat's approach is filled with actual helpful information (not just trial and error advice)

Blaine Gaudeau, course student

"I am feeling stronger in what to say and how to run my business.

I'm thankful that Cat has helped me better step up my wedding business game."

BEN Tone, course student

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Full Time Wedding Photography Course

This business course is designed to help photographers go from Entry Level to Experienced (Pt I) and then Experienced to Expert (Pt II). It's everything you need to know from A-Z in order to efficiently and successfully run a thriving wedding photography business.


"The hard work that goes into Cat's education is apparent.

Catherine is a rockstar. I can see why she is one of the best in the industry. I feel like I am right there with her while she's teaching." 

CALLIE Hebert, course student

"I am now so confident and running a strong, successful business.

Catherine has helped me transform my business. She really breaks down the ins and outs of not only the how but the why."

LINDSEY Rogers, course student

A course

The Posing Plan

This comprehensive posing course is designed to help you build confidence, understand the techniques of posing, and walk you through how to build your own posing plan for sessions and weddings.


"It's a challenge to find an educator willing to share so much.

I have enjoyed learning from Cat and watching a seasoned professional work in the wedding photography industry!"

SIENNA RoZZelle, course student

"My confidence behind the camera has absolutely soared.

I am so thankful to have the guidance I needed so that I can focus on the things that really matter."

KRYSIA LYNNe, course student


One on One Mentoring

Maybe you're feeling like the course and membership option is great, but you also want to connect directly. Here's how:

5 days of conversation

1 on 1 phone call


7 Days of Conversation

With this 5-day offering, you'll have a business week of access to direct messaging with Catherine through Voxer! Voxer is a free voice-messaging app that functions similarly to a walkie talkie. It also supports typed messaging when you need it! Consult with Catherine about any photography-related questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Let's talk about all things photography!


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1 on 1 Phone Call with Cat

Wherever your struggles are, that's where we'll go during this call. You can us this hour to ask any questions you would like. Bring your best business and photography questions to this intensive! Topics often covered include Pricing/Offer Creation, Portfolio Audits, Gear Lessons and Guidance, Social Media Reviews, and more!


"I booked my first $10k wedding after watching and implementing Cat's business strategies."

- Tasha Rae CREEL


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The Pricing Mini Course

In this 1-Hour Intensive, you will learn all the details surrounding pricing for wedding and portrait photographers. This content dives into all the details that you can never learn soon enough!


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My Mission

Showing other photographers what is TRULY possible, not only with their businesses but with their lives.

 It is possible to do what you are most passionate about for a living and also balance time with your family and friends. It takes strategy and intention but together, we can realize the dreams you have for both!

Template Bundle: Email Templates for Weddings and Portraits, Initial & Final Questionnaires and Photo Timeline

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This incredible bundle includes the questionnaire and timeline duo which are perfect for getting all the information you need from your clients and translating it into a wedding day schedule that meets everybody's needs! Plus the email templates for weddings + portraits serve as a helpful resource to build and customize your own email flow throughout the full cycle of working with your clients.

Initial & Final Questionnaires and Photo Timeline


From initial contact through the final stages of photo planning. These templates are designed to help you gather all the information to do your job well and execute their photography.


Templates and Contracts

Running a photography business takes more than beautiful imagery. It's also about having systems in place behind the scenes.

Email Templates for Weddings and Portraits

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Struggle with what to say in an email? Let me help you. These are my exact email templates used for portraits sessions and weddings from beginning to end!

Contract for Wedding Photography


Feel confident knowing this wedding photography contract was created in collaboration with an attorney, reviewed by a second attorney and designed for all scenarios!

Contract for Portrait Photography


This portrait session contract is designed to protect you and your client for those scenarios that can arise. Protect your business with this contract today!


Contracts for Weddings and Portraits

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If you are both a portrait and wedding photographer, we have you covered. These contracts are created alongside an attorney for all those potential scenarios.


Resources and Discount Codes

As a thank you for being a part of my community, I want to share with you some of my most game-changing resources and of course, the discount codes to help you get started!

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Tune in to the Latest Episodes

Let me break down all the ins and outs of a wedding photography business (and the potential mistakes) so you don't have to make them.

Tune into the podcast, where I'm sharing all the stories and lessons learned to help you embrace imperfection while pursuing your photographic passion.